Unlocking Conditions for Important Events in Stardew Valley

Hello, fellow gamers! In this tutorial, we will discuss the unlocking conditions for various events and tasks in the world of Stardew Valley.

1. The First Community Task The first community task can be initiated on a sunny day after Spring 5, between 8 AM and 1 PM. If it’s raining, the event will be postponed to the next sunny day. Head from the bus stop to the town to trigger a conversation with Mayor Lewis about the community. Enter the community center and read the golden scroll to progress. The next day, the Wizard will send a letter that you must read to continue. After meeting the Wizard at his tower, you’ll understand the Junimo scroll and can begin the community center bundles.

2. The Adventurer’s Guild Initiation To join the Adventurer’s Guild, first reach the fifth level of the mines. The next day, Marlon will send a letter instructing you to slay 10 green slimes. Complete this task to gain access to the Adventurer’s Guild.

3. Marnie’s Pet Delivery When your total earnings reach 1,000 gold, Marnie will deliver a pet on a sunny Wednesday or Friday morning between 6 AM and 9:30 AM. If you haven’t earned 1,000 gold by the 20th, the event will still trigger.

4. Mushroom Cave or Fruit Bat Cave When your total earnings reach 25,000 gold, Demetrius will ask if you’d like to convert your cave into a mushroom cave or a fruit bat cave. This is based on your total earnings, not your current cash.

5. Tea Sapling Recipe After reaching a 2-heart friendship level with Caroline, visit Pierre’s shop’s sunroom on a sunny day between 9 AM and 5 PM. The next day, Caroline will send a letter containing the tea sapling recipe.

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6. Flower Pots and Pot Recipe Once the greenhouse is completed, Evelyn will visit on a sunny day between 6 AM and 11:30 AM to give you flower pots and the pot recipe.

7. Special Order Board On Fall 2, visit the town to trigger a cutscene where Mayor Lewis and Robin set up a special order board. The board refreshes with two new tasks each week, often unlocking new recipes.

8. Magnifying Glass During winter, between 6 AM and 4 PM, travel from your farm to the bus stop to trigger a cutscene where you must track down a fleeing shadow creature. Follow the footprints to the left of the community center to find the creature and receive a magnifying glass.

9. Unlocking Ginger Island After completing the community center bundles, you’ll witness a cutscene of the villagers celebrating. The next day, Willy will send a letter asking you to visit his back room. Upon arrival, you’ll trigger a cutscene to repair a boat. The boat repair requires 200 hardwood, 5 battery packs, and 5 iridium bars. After completion, Willy and Robin will repair the boat during a nighttime cutscene. You can then pay 1,000 gold to travel to Ginger Island.

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