Brewing Coffee In Stardew Valley: A Guide To The Coffee Maker

There are lots of activities such as farming, mining, and catching fish in the Stardew Valley game that can make you tired and walk slowly. At this stage, you need something to take to recover your energy. There are lots of drinks and dishes you can take to restore your health and energy as you carry out your daily activities. Coffee is one of the common drinks available in Stardew Valley. So, you need it handy at all times to complete your task and to enjoy the game in general. Looking for coffee may not be easy at first, but this is the purpose of this article. After reading it, you will know how to get the coffee maker in Stardew Valley, where to find it, and the benefits.

A picture of the coffee maker in Stardew Valley
The coffee maker is a piece of equipment that brews one cup of coffee automatically in the morning.

What is the Coffee Maker in Stardew Valley?

The Coffee Maker Stardew Valley is a piece of equipment that brews one cup of coffee automatically in the morning. You will receive a coffee maker when you have completed Evelyn’s “Gifts for George” Special Order. The function of this equipment is to provide you, the farmer with a cup of coffee each day to restore your energy or health.

How to Obtain the Coffee Maker

To get the quest for the coffee maker, you need to find the special order board outside Mayor Lewis’s house and look for the one titled “Gifts for George.”

You can obtain the coffee maker stardew valley when you successfully complete the special order Evelyn for her old husband George who believes everyone has forgotten him. Before she can hand you this coffee maker, you must bring her twelve leeks. This is what her husband wants the most and the only way to know that people care for him.

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A picture of leek in Stardew Valley
Leek are a common vegetable found in Stardew Valley during the spring season.

Where can I find leeks?

You can easily obtain and find leeks during early games and in season of spring. While you can find it anywhere it is planted, there are certain spots with a greater chance of obtaining leeks. They include:
– Mountain: You can obtain leeks at the mountain on the northern side of the Stardew Valley game. When you explore areas around this mountain, you are sure of getting enough leeks. Just be patient and check every corner of this valley.
– Backwoods: You can also find leeks that you will give to Evelyn for coffee maker Stardew Valley by exploring this area. So get as much as you can and store it in your inventory.

It is important to know that it is only during the spring season that you will get and take the leeks you have gathered and place them on the stove in the house of Evelyn and George. When you do this, you will obtain the coffee maker.

How to Use the Coffee Maker

There is no special way to use the coffee maker provided by Evelyn. Once you finish her special order, the coffee maker will make coffee for you every day. It brews coffee itself so you don’t need to provide any coffee beans.

Advantages of Using the Coffee Maker

Just like other items in Stardew Valley, the coffee maker has its advantages. Some of the advantages of using the coffee maker include:
– No coffee beans required: You don’t need any coffee beans. The coffee maker produces coffee for you to drink without you providing the coffee beans.
– Saves you money: You don’t have to spend money to buy coffee as you are getting a cup of coffee every day for free once you obtain the coffee maker from Evelyn. Unlike other alternatives, you will have to spend 300g to buy coffee.
– Daily coffee: Once you have obtained the coffee maker, you will get a cup of coffee daily doing anything. With this daily cup of coffee, you can replenish your energy level which can help you to farm, mine, fight monsters, and do other things.

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Coffee in Stardew Valley
Coffee in Stardew Valley

Unlike other methods of obtaining coffee like purchasing it, you will have to provide almost everything yourself. You will be the one to provide coffee beans etc. This will not only take time but your resources and energy. Also, you will need to first locate a coffee shop before you can buy and drink coffee. Whereas, you have a cup of coffee ready for the day to drink whenever you want. Imagine when you are already tired and struggling to reach the coffee shop.

Just like in real life, people get tired after working for a long time, trekking a long distance, from engaging in other activities. For them to continue their activities, they will need to eat and drink to recover their energy and health. The coffee maker fits into the gameplay experience as it offers a similar energy boost and recovery for farmers. It gives you the real-life experience of getting tired and getting energized.


It does not matter if the activity you love doing in the Stardew Valley game is farming, mining, catching fish, or cooking, you will lose energy. This will be visible in the way you walk. You will start walking slowly. To restore your energy and speed, you need to drink or take dishes. One of the common drinks that helps in getting you back to fitness and energy is coffee. You can get this coffee every day when you obtain the coffee maker after finishing the special order Evelyn. All you have to do is to get 12 leeks and place them on the stove in your house Evelyn.

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