How to Farm Prismatic Slimes(Jelly) in Stardew Valley

A Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley
Prismatic Jelly can be obtained by defeating Prismatic Slimes

In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing with you a little trick I learned for farming Prismatic Slimes in Stardew Valley. If you’re interested, let’s take a look together.

Preparing for the Quest

Mayor Lewis giving the Prismatic Jelly Quest in Stardew Valley
Mayor Lewis gives the Prismatic Jelly Quest on the second day of Fall in the first year

Prismatic Slimes can be encountered after unlocking a special quest from Mayor Lewis on the second day of Fall in the first year. During the quest, there’s a chance to find Prismatic Slimes in the mines, and defeating them will drop Prismatic Jelly. After completing the quest, you’ll unlock the Monster Musk recipe.

Crafting Staircases

So, what’s the trick? First, you’ll need to prepare some staircases. You can craft staircases using stone, which becomes available after reaching Mining Level 2. If you don’t have enough stone, you can purchase some from Robin. In the first year, I think it costs 20 or 30 gold per stone. Alternatively, you can use a Crystalarium to duplicate jade and exchange them for staircases with the Desert Trader on Sundays.

The Desert Trader in Stardew Valley
The Desert Trader can exchange jade for staircases on Sundays

Since we’ll also need to prepare for the Desert Mine, it’s a good idea to have some extra staircases on hand. If you don’t need them for the Prismatic Slimes, they can still be useful in the Desert Mine.

Preparing for the Desert Mine

If you’re unsure about preparing for the Desert Mine, you can check out my tutorial on that topic, including the three ways to obtain a Crystalarium. I won’t go into detail here. As for the number of staircases, you may only need 20 or 30 to find a Prismatic Slime, but it largely depends on your luck. In my case, I brought over 60 staircases, which should be sufficient. Ideally, you’ll want to attempt this on a lucky day.

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Increasing Your Luck

If you don’t have a lucky day, you can use items that increase your luck, such as wearing a Lucky Ring or consuming luck-boosting food like Lucky Lunch or Pumpkin Soup. I’ll include the crafting recipes for these items below, so feel free to take a look.

Lucky Lunch and Pumpkin Soup in Stardew Valley
Lucky Lunch and Pumpkin Soup are food items that boost luck

The higher your luck, the better your chances of finding Prismatic Slimes.

Descending into the Mines

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to head into the mines. My general strategy for finding Prismatic Slimes is to use staircases to descend quickly and find a monster floor.

Remember the floor number, as the monster floor won’t change on the same day. Then, use the elevator to return to the nearest floor and repeatedly build staircases to reach the monster floor.

Farming Prismatic Slimes

With some luck, you should find a Prismatic Slime after a few attempts. In my case, I found one on floor 23, which saved me a lot of staircases. If you don’t find one after searching the entire floor, exit the mine and use the elevator to return to the nearest floor.

Then, use staircases to descend to the monster floor again and continue searching for Prismatic Slimes. Try to avoid fighting other monsters, as it wastes time.

However, if they’re blocking your path, you may have no choice. You could also consume food that increases your movement speed to make searching faster.

A player finding a Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley
Prismatic Slimes change colors and are easy to spot

In my experience, I started farming at 8 AM and found a Prismatic Slime by noon (In Game Time). They’re easy to spot because they change colors. After defeating the slime and obtaining the Prismatic Jelly, the quest is complete (you’ll need to deliver it to the Wizard).

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There may be other methods for farming Prismatic Slimes, but I found this one to be quite effective and wanted to share it with you.

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