Where can I find Ectoplasm in Stardew Valley?

Note: Luck is useful when trying to find prismatic jelly, but it doesn’t affect the drop rate of ectoplasm. Luck increases the spawn rate of prismatic slimes but does not increase the drop rate of ectoplasm. In fact, a higher luck may decrease the chances of encountering ectoplasm due to reduced monster spawns. It’s best to farm ectoplasm on unlucky days.

How to Farm Ectoplasm

A glowing green substance called ectoplasm
Ectoplasm is the main item you’ll need to farm.

Hello, friends! After my last article on how to farm prismatic slimes, some of you asked about farming ectoplasm. In this tutorial, I’ll share my method for farming ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is obtained through a special quest unlocked on the second day of Fall in the first year, after unlocking the special quest board near Lewis’s house. During the quest, there’s a 9.5% chance of ghosts dropping ectoplasm. After completing the prismatic slime quest and unlocking the monster musk, farming ectoplasm becomes much easier.

To farm ectoplasm, the main item you’ll need is monster musk. When sprayed, monster musk increases the number of monsters that spawn when you enter a new level of the mine. It lasts for 10 minutes (real-time) and requires 30 slime balls and 30 bat wings to craft, just like farming prismatic slimes.

A bottle of monster musk
Monster musk is used to increase the number of monsters that spawn.

For those who want to farm at least two ectoplasms, you can also equip the burglar ring. The monster musk will ensure a high monster spawn rate. My approach to farming ectoplasm is to repeatedly visit levels 65 and 55 of the mines, focusing mainly on level 65, while using level 55 as a transition.

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A ghost monster in the mines
Ghosts are the monsters that drop ectoplasm.

Ghosts usually appear within a few seconds of entering the elevator. If you don’t see any, simply leave. While you’re there, you can also farm coal if you’re running low. Keep checking levels 65 and 55, and after encountering four or five ghosts, you should have some ectoplasm. I began farming at 7 AM(in game) and continued until 2-3 PM, at which point I found ectoplasm.

When you encounter a ghost that drops ectoplasm, you can then go to the Wizard to turn in the quest. After completing the quest, you’ll unlock the recipe for the mini obelisk totem. You can place this totem on your farm to teleport around, but keep in mind that you can only place a maximum of two on your farm, and they cannot be used on Ginger Island’s farm. So, it’s a slightly limited feature.

A mini obelisk totem
After completing the quest, you’ll unlock the recipe for the mini obelisk totem.

Tip: Always check your inventory when farming ectoplasm. Once, I spent an entire day farming, thinking I hadn’t found any, only to discover one in my inventory when I got home.


Q: Does luck affect the monster spawn rate when using monster musk?

A: The calculations are separate.

Q: How can I obtain monster musk?

A: After unlocking the special quest, complete the prismatic jelly quest to get the monster musk recipe.

Q: If I miss a quest, will it come back?

A: There’s a chance it will reappear when quests refresh weekly.

Q: How do I unlock the special quest board?

A: It unlocks automatically on the second day of Fall.

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