Apples SVE: Unlocking Aurora Vineyard and Meeting Stardew’s Junimo Star!


To accurately navigate through the Aurora Vineyard Event and meet Apples in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE), follow the sequence below:

  1. Complete the Community Center: Make sure you’ve completed the Community Center and not chosen the JojaMart route.
  2. Trigger Junimo Woods Cutscene: On Spring 27 of Year 2, head to the Wizard’s house to trigger the Junimo Woods cutscene.
  3. Trigger Aurora Vineyard Cutscene: The next day, an cutscene introducing Aurora Vineyard will play.
  4. Visit Aurora Vineyard: Go to Aurora Vineyard to find a plaque.
  5. Wizard and Plaque: Take the plaque to the Wizard to trigger another cutscene.
  6. Contribute Starfruits: Return to Aurora Vineyard and contribute 200 Starfruits.
  7. Meet Apples: After another day has passed, an cutscene will trigger, and you’ll finally meet Apples at Aurora Vineyard.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Complete the Community Center

First and foremost, complete the Community Center and avoid supporting JojaMart to ensure that the Aurora Vineyard Event will trigger.

2. Trigger Junimo Woods Cutscene

On Spring 27 of Year 2, after you wake up, head to the Wizard’s house. This will trigger a cutscene that shows you the location of the Junimo Woods teleporter.

Junimo Woods teleporter

3. Trigger Aurora Vineyard Cutscene

After the previous step, go to bed. The next day, a new cutscene will introduce you to the Aurora Vineyard.

Aurora Vineyard

4. Visit Aurora Vineyard

Travel to Aurora Vineyard to find a plaque which is essential for the next part of the storyline.

Visit Aurora Vineyard

5. Wizard and Plaque

Bring the plaque to the Wizard. A cutscene will trigger, guiding you on what to do next.

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6. Contribute Starfruits

Return to Aurora Vineyard and contribute 200 Starfruits to proceed to the final stage.

Contribute Starfruits

7. Meet Apples

After contributing the Starfruits and letting another day pass, another animation will trigger. This cutscene will lead you to finally meet Apples at Aurora Vineyard.

Meet Apples


  • Community Center Recognition: If you installed SVE after completing the Community Center, the game might not recognize this. In such cases, starting a new game may be necessary.
  • Lost Woods(Jumino Woods): To get to the Lost Woods, complete the Community Center guide first.

Best Gifts for Apples

  • Apples love Starfruits and will gift you items they find in the woods.
  • Gifting Apples helps increase the sell price of Starfruit by 10%.
  • Avoid supporting JojaMart as it will prevent Apples from appearing. However, this can be bypassed by editing the content.json file.(Please locate the sections labeled “Event #1 – The Junimo Tile” and change “e 191393” to “e 502261″aaaa)

Apples’ Background and Personality

  • Personality: Excitable and loves to play.
  • Background: Disagreement with Junimo friends over the state of the Aurora Vineyard.
  • Interactive Scenarios:
  • Dance at the Flower Dance
  • Participate in the Ice Fishing Festival
  • Daily Routine: Mostly found playing or dancing in Aurora Vineyard.

This guide should give you a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate your interactions and choices regarding Apples in Stardew Valley Expanded.

Tip: Always make sure to back up your game save before making any major decisions or modifications. Happy farming!

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