Stardew Valley: Mayor Lewis’s Purple Shorts Quest Guide

Hello, friends! In this tutorial, we will be discussing Mayor Lewis’s purple shorts.

Mayor Lewis’s purple shorts in Stardew Valley is a quest that begins on the third day of summer in the first year. We receive a letter from him informing us that he has lost his purple shorts and asking for our help in finding them. The shorts can be found in Marnie’s bedroom, but we need to have a two-heart friendship level with Marnie to enter her room and locate the shorts.

A screenshot of Marnie's bedroom in Stardew Valley
Marnie’s bedroom where the purple shorts can be found

Once we have the purple shorts, there are four different ways to proceed:

  • The most conventional method is to simply return the purple shorts to Mayor Lewis. This will reward us with 750 gold and one heart of friendship with Lewis.
A screenshot of returning the purple shorts to Mayor Lewis in Stardew Valley
Returning the purple shorts to Mayor Lewis
  • Another option is to place the shorts in the Governor’s soup during the Luau festival. We can then observe the Governor’s and Mayor Lewis’s reactions, as well as the villagers’. After the Governor starts drinking the soup, he will eventually notice that something is wrong and pull out the purple shorts. Both Lewis and Marnie will be shocked, and the Governor will turn green, feeling like he is about to faint. This prank, however, does not affect our relationships with the villagers.
A screenshot of the Governor drinking soup with the purple shorts in Stardew Valley
The Governor drinking the soup with the purple shorts
  • A third choice is to use the sewing machine to combine the purple shorts with a gold bar or craft a staircase with 99 stones and insert it into the shorts, creating the Lucky Purple Shorts with a gold trim. Wearing these shorts and showing them to Marnie will make her smile knowingly, while showing them to Lewis will make him angry.
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A screenshot of the sewing machine in Stardew Valley
Using the sewing machine to create the Lucky Purple Shorts
  • Lastly, during the Stardew Valley Fair in the fall, we can display the purple shorts on an exhibition table. After setting up the display, we can talk to Mayor Lewis to start the fair. He will then examine the exhibits and grade them. While waiting, we can play games and earn Star Tokens, which can be exchanged for prizes at the fair’s shop. For 2,000 Star Tokens, we can purchase a Stardrop, which is one of our main objectives. If we manage to win first place, we will receive 1,000 Star Tokens, more than the 750 Star Tokens we would receive as hush money from Lewis.
A screenshot of exhibiting the purple shorts at the fair in Stardew Valley
Exhibiting the purple shorts at the Stardew Valley Fair

According to the game’s Wiki, another option is to return the shorts to Lewis when he is on Ginger Island’s resort, and for the following month, he will be seen wearing the shorts on the island.


  • You can actually retrieve the shorts without a two-heart friendship with Marnie by using a chair. When Marnie opens her bedroom door, place the chair at the door facing inward, sit on it, and then get off. This will place you inside Marnie’s room. To exit, just turn the chair around.
  • Also, note that if you feed the gold-trimmed shorts to the Governor during the Luau, he will spit it out, and it will turn back into regular purple shorts.

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